Web Development

It is not just about a pretty page, we ensure that your website has what it takes to level up on the organic rankings!

Social Media

Across all social platforms! Engage with your customers and potential customers. Monthly social media packages that you can afford and can't resist!

Lead Generation

Boost your business with Sales Qualified Leads, higher conversion rates, more profit!

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We make promises that we can keep


Complete business services from planning to implementation

Fast response,
Efficient staff,
Professional assistance,
Ongoing support,
FREE advice!

Our services includes the following and more

If we haven't listed it on our website as yet, it does not mean that we do not provide an excellent service with regards to your query, please ask us!

Personal development

We assist with establishing a personal growth plan and improving your soft skills as well as hard skills. Life coaching, image consulting, and make-overs. We also provide cv and resume services, to assist in marketing yourself.

Start-up business

From the very first instance when you start with planning we are able to provide expert assistance. We are registered with CIPC and are up to date with filing your statutory returns. Design and marketing and system setup and intergration.

Web design

Static, interactive website options and e-commerce. SEO ready. Domain registrations and web hosting. Get the maximum out of your website by integrating it with your email, accounting package, google sheets and CRM. Gooogle Analytics and Google Ads

Ad campaigns

We assist with social media and google ad campaigns. Getting the perfect design and post for your platform and selecting the right target market.

Lead generation

Various lead generation strategies. Cathing headlines and clear call to actions will ensure that you capture the perfect qualified lead. Lets take your sales process one step further and ensure that your lead magnets seals the deal.

business designs and documents

Making sure that your service level agreements and contracts contain the crucial elements to make your document of the legal standard, is our forte! We also to business templates, logos, stationery, business proposals, and business plans.

What Our Clients Say!

In their own words!  

I must say that I am happy with the progress and appreciate the opportunity to work with you and your team. We are all together in this as a family, so together we can do more! -Saai M. Mpumalanga Press
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Your turnaround time is excellent and the result of the revamp has blown me away! Our residents and their loved one's jaws dropped and even had a chuckle! Happy to say that we went from 14 open places to a waiting list! -Jan N. Huis Janri www.huisjanri.co.za
New website coming along very nicely. Watch out for our new karaoke app as well... Facebook page will get a face-lift as well... Watch this space! Looking at a loyalty program as well as a way to say thank you for successful referrals. More on this as it develops. A huge thank you to www.upgrader.co.za for all the effort....
-DJ BigBoy
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bigboy events

Looking for a first-class personal development consultant?

Putting yourself out there has never been easier. It often takes someone else's opinion for you to realize that you should work on self-enhancement. We assist with practical ways to enable you to start with self-improvement. From appearance right down to your core! We believe in you, perhaps it's time for you to believe in you too!

Monthly packages for businesses of all sizes​

Your service is not the usual?  Talk to us, we assist with tailor-made solutions.

know who and what you are up against
we will keep your competitors close
  • Analysis

    Let us assist to establish your competitive advantage by doing an in-debt market and competitor analysis.

  • Strategic goals

    Interpret your company's vision statement into a more time-sensitive and meaningful goal. Using this with strategic themes, goal statements, we will transform your vision into a strategic plan. Making your company's focus actionable and getting the time to pull in the upward direction!

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Personal Development
Your personal development plan is all about creating an action plan based on awareness, values, reflection, goal-setting and planning for personal development within the context of a career, education, relationship or for self-improvement.
  • Social

    Social personal development is an important activity to practice and it all comes down to how you communicate! Brushing up on your public speaking skills, changing the way you listen and write in different situations!

  • Physical

    Developing healthy eating and sleeping habits, working in some exercise, getting a well deserved make-over or getting an image consultant will all work in favour of your Physical Development.

  • Skills

    Developing your soft and hard skills to add onto your resume or cv, will only be an advantage when marketing yourself with a highly professional designed cv!

Get Free Advice
We assist you with drafting your perfect personal development plan! Using an assessment will give you a clear scope of what you need to change to develop yourself, personally and career-wise.
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Meet the force behind our services!

Kobus Wagenaar - COO Upgrader

Kobus Wagenaar


Kobus is a BIG man, with a big heart and big shoulders. Being the chief operating officer at Upgrader Holdings (Pty) Ltd, Kobus ensures that all operations within the company run smoothly! He has more than 20 years of experience across various sectors in the corporate, social, and entertainment industries. He delivers outstanding client service and driving profitable revenue growth.

Ulandi Bekker - CEO Upgrader

Ulandi Bekker


Ulandi,chief executive officer and founder of Upgrader. She has extensive knowledge in various industries and departments in the financial, health, adult education, and business sectors. She has a passion for people and can do anything she puts her mind to, we have since established she is unable to read time and doesn't know that business hours are only between 8 am and 5 pm.

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